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Do’s and don’ts for selling your property

Use our do’s and don’ts to help achieve a successful sale

Selling your home can be a daunting and frustrating process.  Many of our customers feel like their hands are tied while they wait for their property to sell.  We all want to give the best first impression to a potential buyer.


• Research and choose your estate agent carefully – agree what service and marketing support they will offer you and make sure they are willing to provide accompanied viewings.
• When arranging a viewing, ensure your estate agent has checked that the property is affordable for the purchaser and ideally seen evidence of a Mortgage Decision in Principle. This will ensure the other party is in a position to buy and saves your time being wasted.
• Value your property accurately – It is unwise to overprice or under-price your property.
• Be reasonable when dealing with offers
• Make an effort to present your house as best you can:
• Clean thoroughly throughout, have carpets cleaned and ensure any throws, bedding and cushions are clean
• Consider improving the approach to the property, paint/clean the front door, hanging baskets and tubs can make a difference
• Make rooms appealing, declutter as much as possible to create a feeling of space
• Consider a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint
• Fix any problems
• Allow as much natural light in as possible, open all curtains and blinds and place lamps in dark corners
• Consider removing some furniture to make the rooms look more spacious
• Get rid of bad smells, offensive smells could put off buyers despite how lovely your home may be

Should you be presenting your property yourself, make an effort to get to know the buyers. Highlight any special features appropriate to the buyer’s circumstances.  Also make sure you are prepared for all sorts of questions


• Leave any pets in the house during a viewing
• Don’t feel rushed into any decisions – take your time to consider any offers and don’t feel pressured into accepting an offer
• Don’t say the wrong things, focus on positive features instead of negative features
• Don’t rush viewings – allow the purchaser plenty of time and space to explore your property

Making some small improvements to your home can make a big difference.  You may not feel any changes are needed but try to be open minded.  A little time and effort can go a long way and hopefully secure you a sale.

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