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Mortgage Rates, Sept 2019

Best Remortgage Rates: September 2019

Looking to remortgage but want to know what the lowest rates are? These will of course depend on your individual situation, but the below can give you a rough guide.

At Beacon Mortgages we can compare the entire market and advise you on the best mortgage rates to suit your needs, all at no cost to yourself. We are simply paid by the provider for our advice if you choose to complete through us.

There are many options to choose from so we have split them by tracker or fixed, and application fee or We have split the below by the lowest fixed mortgage rates without any application fee to the provider and the lowest rates with one. You will see that an upfront fee with reduce rates and vice versa.

Best Fixed Mortgage Rates with No Application Fee

LenderProductRateCashbackLoan to Value
Santander2 Year Fixed0.01692500.6
Platform2 Year Fixed0.01742500.75
Clydesdale2 Year Fixed0.01892500.8
Principality2 Year Fixed0.02Nil0.85
Platform2 Year Fixed0.02192500.9
Platform3 Year Fixed0.01822500.6
Platform3 Year Fixed0.01922500.7
Principality3 Year Fixed0.0204Nil0.8
Platform3 Year Fixed0.02092500.85
TSB3 Year Fixed0.02393000.9
Platform5 Year Fixed0.01822500.6
Platform5 year Fixed0.01922500.7
Platform5 year Fixed0.02172500.8
Platform5 year Fixed0.02422500.85
Nationwide5 year Fixed0.02545000.9

Best Fixed Mortgage Rates (with fees)

LenderProductRateCashbackApplication FeeLoan to Value
Santander2 Year Fixed0.01289992500.6
Santander2 Year Fixed0.01399992500.7
Nationwide2 Year Fixed0.01499995000.7
Platform2 Year Fixed0.01599992500.8
Platform2 Year Fixed0.01899992500.9
Nationwide2 Year Fixed0.01949995000.9
Nationwide3 Year Fixed0.01649995000.6
Nationwide3 Year Fixed0.01699995000.75
Nationwide3 Year Fixed0.01999995000.85
Nationwide3 Year Fixed0.02149995000.9
Nationwide5 Year Fixed0.01749995000.6
Nationwide5 Year Fixed0.01849995000.75
Nationwide5 Year Fixed0.02149995000.85
Nationwide5 Year Fixed0.02349995000.9

Best Tracker Mortgage Rates with No Application Fee

LenderProductRateCashbackLoan to Value
Barclays2 Year Tracker0.01832000.6
Nationwide2 Year Tracker0.01995000.75
Nationwide2 Year Tracker0.02345000.85
Nationwide2 Year Tracker0.02545000.9
Metro Bank5 Year Tracker0.02492500.85

Best Tracker Mortgage Rates (with fees)

LenderProductRateCashbackApplication FeeLoan to Value
Nationwide2 Year Tracker0.01445009990.6
Nationwide2 Year Tracker0.01595009990.75
Barclays2 Year Tracker0.0172Nil9990.85
Nationwide2 Year Tracker0.02145009990.9
Santander3 Year Tracker0.02642509990.75
Family BS3 Year Tracker0.02742509990.8
Nationwide5 Year Tracker0.02142509990.6
Nationwide5 Year Tracker0.02192509990.75
Metro Bank5 Year Tracker0.02342509990.85

These details are for information only. Mortgage Rates can change on a daily basis. You should always consult a qualified mortgage adviser who will make a recommendation based on your personal and financial circumstances.

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